Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Despite the seriously long gap in my writing, I intend to continue. Content you will find here may differ somewhat from what I focused on before. There will still be an emphasis on linguistic research as often as possible, but to create some variety, and hopefully to maintain greater frequency in posting, I will be expanding the focus of this project to lesser-known languages (as opposed to "tribal" languages), remote cultures, factoids about these topics, relevant appearances in popular culture, and maybe even some original artwork. Enjoy!


  1. Dear Gabe,

    You should continue this blog. Your hiatus has been incredibly long and I am beginning to miss your writing (you even promised us art(!) and language's appearances in pop culture...for which I am always a sucker for).

    I don't have any idea if you'll even receive my comment, but maybe, perhaps, one day, you'll get it, and take it as a sign that I and countless other readers miss your enthusiasm concerning the world's wide array of languages. It's been ONE whole year already. Come back!!!!

    por favor. :(

  2. Funny how I am seeing your comment not too long after you wrote it. Even funnier how I am writing an application proposal explaining how I need the research opportunities to continue writing about "the world's wide array of languages." Anyway, thanks for your support, and in the meantime, make sure you watch Stephen Colbert's show from last night when he reacts to Marco Rubio's thirst fiasco :)